Pokemon in CTIV Games, what is it?

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Created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri, video game Pokemon conquered hearts of children and adults. In 1997 Pokemon became so popular, that the TV series, based on video games, were created. Throughout the years about 64 different types of Pokemon games, 16 seasons of TV series and 1 movies entertained countless generations. These mind boggling numbers show that Pokemon, non-like most of other franchises, managed to stay on top for almost two decades and it seems that Pokemon are becoming more and more popular these days. So what is the reason of its popularity?

pokemon volcano, electric pokemon, pokemon gts, pokemon online card game, online pokemon card game,The most popular of all the Pokemon franchise are the games and they are the one of the reasons of Pokemon popularity. Majority of Pokemon games are similar – you play as a Pokemon trainer, whose main goal is to catch as many Pokemon’s as possible and battle all the gym leaders to earn badges. Once you earn all the badges, your goal is to enroll to the biggest contest, battle other trainers and earn the name of the master by winning in all the battles. Although, the main goal, in all the games, is pretty much the same, all of the games were a big hit, because of new Pokemon species and battles.

the pokemon company, pokemon apocalypse, pokemon app, pokemon personality test, pokemon wifi events,The second most popular thing, which helped Pokemon franchise to stay on top, were the TV series. They are based on the games, although in the series main character stays the same – 10 year old Ash Ketchum, who overslept the day when he had to choose his first Pokemon and instead of rookie friendly Pokemon  he got pikachu – a Pokemon  who at first was arrogant and bad tempered, but later became Ash’s best friend. TV series became popular rapidly, making Pokemon franchise the most popular franchise in the world.

pokemon wifi, pokemon episode org, pokemon global online, pokémon movies online,The third thing that made Pokemon so popular was uniqueness. Until Pokemon the world has not seen anything like it and the creators used this situation to make Pokemon more extraordinary and fascinating, not like anything seen before. And they succeeded, but when Pokemon were first brought into day light, majority of people were quite skeptical about its future, but now, after almost 2 decades of endless popularity, Pokemon still has a bright future and new hearts to conquer.

pokémon movies online, pokemon ds roms, pokemon blue cheats, pokemon mobile,And finally – the movies. 15 different Pokemon movies were made throughout the decades, each more fascinating and interesting that other. Most of the them are about the quests of series main character – Ash Ketchum and his loyal friend Pikachu. All these movies are like a cherry on the top of greatness of Pokemon franchise.

pokemon community, bug pokemon, pokemon volcano, electric pokemon,For almost two decades Pokemon grew with us, it changed its shape countless times, but always came back to the roots. As first generation grew up, so did the Pokemon, it became more complex and closer to the new generation. What made Pokemon so popular was that its characters changed, adapted, grew and learned, so they could bring the biggest amount of joy to the kids and adults, who love Pokemon, all over the world.

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