“Jungle Run”- Do Not Get Lost in The Jungle World

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“Jungle run” is kid orientated British TV series that could be called kids’ reality show or even a game show. In each series there are other kids playing the game.  The point is that kids have to complete the adventure. Adventures might be similar to the previous or to a little bit different. But every kid makes it different. The action takes place in the manufactory made jungle that looks very realistically. Every element of the jungle is involved and created professionally. It is full of colors that attract the viewer’s eye. This TV show is very interesting for kids not only to watch how the others are going through the challenges.  Every British kid can be
even more interested in the show because they might try it by themselves.

jungle run citv, play jungle, play jungle run, jungle run the game,The game, mentioned above, is created to entertain the children and to create possibility to have fun in public. The point of this game is that a group of players must reach the temple of the Jungle King. And they need time to stay there. Before the final challenge- temple of the Jungle King- there are several smaller challenges for the reason win a time. In every pre- final task there are possible to find silver statues (originally bananas). Each of silver statues gives ten seconds in temple of the Jungle Kind. It is the final task and the main one. Here the players can win some prizes. The number of prizes depends on the task completed in the temple. The more time you have the more prizes you can win. In the temple of the Jungle King there are many tasks, usually put the puzzles together. This TV show is named so because of the main condition- in the jungle everyone must hurry up and complete every task as quick as it possible. Everyone is rushing there even when they are switching from one task to another.

jungle run free, jungle run games, android jungle, iphone rayman,The jungle guide- is a man that helps kids to go through the challenges. He explains the rules conditions and the main key points that children should pay attention to. He has always supported the children to do each task best.  There are also other characters- jungle monkeys. Although they have very friendly look because monkeys are colored in bright: red or yellow, they might prevent children playing the game. Jungle guide tries to protect children ant the statues they got from the monkeys.

“Jungle run” is the show that never gets bored. It is quite old game but it is still very popular. The audience of this show is not only kids. Contrarily it is designed mostly for the families. This show is specials also because of the feature that it learns kids always to achieve the aims and to work in the team. The most important is to understand that not everything depends on only you. There are also many people around us that we are directly or indirectly related.

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