Horrid Henry: my weird family

horrid henry all episodes to watch, horrid henry all your fault, horrid henry collection, horrid henry collection 4, horrid henry dvds,Probably every child at least once a life has had a thought that his family is weird. No one would be surprised that horrid Henry thinks so quite often. Let’s find out what has happened this time that Henry calls them weird. ‘Family fresh air day’ is the worst what can happen on Saturday to Henry. He would better lie in the bed all day long. Unfortunately, such lazy behavior is unacceptable to his family. So, they have decided to have a family day out. Be sure, in this series the famous words “don’t be horrid, Henry” will be said not once.

horrid henry film, best tv schildren series, francesca simon, Peter the brotherThe series starts on Saturday at 10 o’clock. Henry is hungry so ready for his breakfast but his dad corrects him – he can get only lunch because it is already 10 a.m. Of course, his brother Peter is awaked and full of energy already. It is a ‘family fresh air day’ outside but Henry does not want to go. Peter behaves oppositely; he is very excited about such a wonderful day, he helps preparing for a day. Picnic is the best part of the day outside, so Peter picks healthy food like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes. But once Peter and dad go to the next room, Henry picks food for a real picnic. Henry would not be Henry if he does not pick a chocolate, candies and other junk and unhealthy food.

horrid henry 2014 episodes, horrid henry all episodes to watch, horrid henry family, horrid henry reviews, horrid henry series,Another problem reveals when Henry has to walk instead of going with a car. But it is a ‘family fresh air day’, so the point is to stay in the fresh air as long as possible. Henry is annoyed by Peter and dad, because they are looking for a perfect place to stay and Henry has to move together with a heavy picnic bag. Henry turns to a monster and starts eating his junk food until a lovely dog with a lovely girl appear. That red hair girl looks lovely and angelic but actually she is not. Finola behaves nicely only when Peter is next to her. When he is not she farts, talks nasty and even blame Henry about that smelly fart.

henry horid mom, horrid henry: my weird family, horrid movie, horrid the full movie,But, wait a minute… Where is the mom? She is not in the park but she is at the hairdressers. Henry is outraged that the hair cutting is more important than family fresh air day. Henry imagines that if moms come with them he would not have to leave home without breakfast and he would not have to carry everything. So, Henry finds a way how to get out of this awful ‘not all family fresh air day’. He comes back home, praises the mother for beautiful hair and declares that a family day out is not the best day without his mom together. Mom is surprised and pleased: ‘sometimes, just sometimes that boy says the nicest things’. That is how he comes back home to do whatever he wants, probably to continue his lazy day in the bed.

The heros show up in ‚Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

games of teenage mutant ninja turtles, games teenage mutant ninja turtles, games turtles teenage mutant ninja, mutant games,Ninja turtles are well known from the TV screens widely. There is an animated series about them and live – action movies as well. There were displayed many different versions of the turtles since its inception. But turtles in the live – action movie ‚Teenage mutant ninja turtles’are different from ‘Ninja turtles’ series. Also it shows how the turtles have changed over the years. Now they are grown up and they have new adventures, new look and new attitude as well.  The movie is both science and fiction American type comedy based on the franchise named the same.  The new version of turtles adventures are rated as one of the best 2014 animated movies. Basically, the movie creates a feeling it plays tribute to the old show in many ways, while also sometimes going a bit too far.

It tells the story of how the turtles come to meet ‘April’ and ‘Casey’, how they came into existence and their first battle with ‘Shredder’ and his Foot Clan. The most surprising part of this film is that it combines two different elements: the original comic book and the popular cartoon too.

Turtles, of course, are the main characters in the movie. They are four: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello. Leonardo, also named Leo loves ninjutsu. He is very strong turtle maybe because his name means strong as lion. Leonardo wears a blue mask, meanwhile Raphael wears a red one. Raph is a bit hothead because he is always the first to a fight. He looks to be tough turtle but he also has a softer side as well. Especially whenhe is with pet turtle Spike. teenage mutants ninja turtles games, teenage ninja mutant turtles games, the new teenage mutant ninja turtles game, the teenage mutant ninja turtles games, turtles teenage mutant ninja games, when does teenage mutant ninja turtles come out,Michelangelo is the most comical turtle. He has an orange mask and he just love pizza. Michey is an easy – going turtle that is why it is a pleasure to watch him. Donatello is the most clever and genius turtle with a purple mask. Dony is always full of genius ideas and thoughts. He prefers using a knowledge rather than fighting. Turtles are so different from each other, so every teenager will find a turtle similar to him.Despite of the fact that the turtles are very strong, smart and experienced, the turtles are much more like kids. They have to learn a lot about the life and it seems that they are looking up to a mentor and role model in their Master, Splinter.

The Turtles have always had underlying themes of family and brotherhood so the movie ‘Teenage mutant ninja turtles’ is not an exception. That is why the movie educates a good children’s attitude. It possess excellent martial arts skills, shows a fight only in self – defense and to help those who cannot fight for themselves. Having a hero is essential for kids and teenagers. It does not matter is it a real hero or animated or even imagined. If having a hero is important why not to have four lovely but strong turtle heros?

‚Press gang‘– inspiring series to practice favorite activities

press gang grantham,the Junior Gazette, Richmond Film & Television, Matthew Newton press gang history, press gang ironing, press gang lyrics, press gang menu,Having a hobby is very important for everybody. It helps to concentrate the energy to the good direction especially it is essential for adult. They usually have too much energy which they might to use not properly. ‘Press gang’ series is a good example what positive sides of the life can be revealed by having a favorite activity. It is a British television comedy about adults who are making their dream to come true. Children love writing so they create a group which is seeking the same aim – to make a good and interesting adults newspaper. There are no doubts that it is going to be a line of romantic. It is more than normal –high school age children are starting to run in more or less serious relationships. The action of this series takes place in London, Uxbridge where it is quite easy to feel a British soul.

The series are based on the activities of a children’s newspaper named the ‘Junior Gazette’, which apparently means a junior newspaper.  To sum up there is a story about adventures, relationships and failures of a group of teenagers who are setting up and running an adult’s newspaper. Everything starts not with a dream to have a newspaper but when a famous journalist Matt Kerr arrives to work in a local London newspaper. And also he decides to set up a junior version of the newspaper.

One of the most interesting parts of the show is that all the characters are very different from each other. Spike Thompson is an American, who has become a british television comedy, press gangs navy, spike press gang,dexter fletcher press gang, julia sawalha press gang,member of this group not because he was interested in writing so far. He was forced to do so not to be expelled from school. And here Spike was soon attracted by an editor Lynda Day. She looks to be very tough, strong and opinionated but she can easily express her feelings. They become a couple and their relations runs throughout the series. Kenny Phillips is sweet and clever girl,
Colin Mathews is responsible for paper finances and advertisement. Julie Craig is the head of the graphics, intelligent but often stressing Sarah Jackson is a leader of the group and horoscopes writer Frazer Davis. These characters together create a great series which involve the audience and makes them feel a part of this show.

The most important is growing up does not matter what you are doing. You cannot stay at the same point if so, it will not last long. And here the ‚Press gang‘ characters show a good example again. Teenagers are not staying at the same level – the Junior Gazette cuts its ties with school soon and become a fully commercial enterprise in the later seasons. The question is ‚what is next‘? Are adults going to stay together and developing its business? Is it possible to remain friends for so long? All the answers

Horrid Henry and the Fashion Show

all episodes of the following, horrid henry all episodes list, horrid henry episodes to watch, horrid henry new episodes 2014, horrid henry list of episodes, horrid henry and the fashion show„I have nothing to wear“- these words are mostly possible to be said by women. But this time Henry said so. The problem is not that he has not actually having what to wear. He has a lot clothes but he does not like it anymore. What an uppity boy! He takes all the clothes out of the wardrobe. Moreover, he insists his mom to come over and solve the problem. Luckily, this time she is not going to descend.

Henry does not like his clothes anymore and he is not going to wear it but once his lovely brother Peter asks to have one t-shirt with a hippopotamus logo- he disagrees. But when his friend Ralf is interested in two t-shirts- he can have its only for one and a half pound. That is how the idea to have a fashion show has born. When Margaret notices that boys are doing something suspicious, she come over to find out what is going on. What a clever and smart Margaret, she has the same idea as boys have. It looks like she is interested in some clothes as well. She even volunteers to organize an event in her home. It sounds quite good but when boys and Margaret have something in common, this means that it is better not to wait for anything good…

all episodes of the following, horrid henry all episodes list, horrid henry episodes to watch, horrid henry new episodes 2014, horrid henry list of episodes, horrid henry and the fashion showMargaret is quick, so soon she is ready to have this party. Publicity is coming over; waiters are ready to serve drinks and snacks. It looks that everything is going well. So, let’s get the show on the road! The beginning of the show was quite poor- one Henry’s t-shirt was sold only for ten pens. But after that things get better quickly. They sell one cloth after another. But finally it is the time for the most amazing t-shirts. It is the same t-shirt that Peter was interested in- pink t-shirt with a hippopotamus logo. It is surprising but these t-shirts are very popular- everybody wants it- they do not even care about the price.

all episodes of the following, horrid henry all episodes list, horrid henry episodes to watch, horrid henry new episodes 2014, horrid henry list of episodes, horrid henry and the fashion showTwo thousand and one pound- that is the price suggested for these amazingly wonderful t-shirt. That is a lot, so Henry and Ralf are rich. Only when you divide this money in two it does not look so impressive anymore. Wait… Margaret wants her part of money too. She counts in the modeling fee, refreshments, commission and other expenses. She takes almost all money, but Henry and Ralf still have money which is not paid yet for those t-shirt from a secret buyer. So they do not have what to worry about, do they? It appears that Peter is that secret buyer. OMG! He does not have all the money he should pay. So children make a deal- they get everything from Peter’s Piggy bank now, and the rest they will get later- in ten years. Everything is quite fair despite of the fact that this deal was made between kids. It is better not to tell mom about this, is not it?

‘The Looney Tunes Show’ is a must see

looney tunes free episodes, looney tunes free online episodes, looney tunes golden collection episodes, looney tunes marvin the martian episodes, looney tunes roadrunner episodes, looney tunes show episodes online free,Cute, funny, colorful, interesting and lovely; these words can be said about an amazing super show “The Looney Tunes Show“. This comedic animated series is mainly about Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. They are out of the woods and living in the suburbs in Los Angeles among very colorful and usually friendly neighbors. Although the show is animated, the plot of it is more for adults or older children than for small kids because the humor in this show is quite subtle and the Youngers might not understand it. Moreover, the series is full of love components such as dating, triangles and rooming. But is does not mean that it is not suitable for kids. Actually it is, because children can see friendly, lovely and positive behavior to each other what is very good model of communication. This show is one more and successful attempt at reviving the Looney Tunes and Marie Melodies franchise. So, the show is even more for adults who have grown together with Looney.

looney tunes free episodes, looney tunes free online episodes, looney tunes golden collection episodes, looney tunes marvin the martian episodes, looney tunes roadrunner episodes, looney tunes show episodes online free,This show was premiered in 2011, the second season right after it in 2012. Who knows, maybe we might see the third one soon? The success of this show is very clear- there are playing characters in the series that are known worldwide. One of the main characters is Bugs Bunny. He is cool, confident and born to be a leader. He used to live in the Krypton planet. Unfortunately, this planet was in danger, so dexterous rabbit Bugs was send to the Earth by his parents. This transaction was successful and the rabbit has a good life here. Soon, Bugs accomplished many things in his life: he was a president of Mexico, won a Nobel Prize and so on. That shows how clever this rabbit is and he can find a way out of any situation. He is super popular and he has a lot of neighbors. Bug has a favorite song “We are in Love”. This is not a coincidence that he loves a song about love. Rabbit has a lover Lola Bunny. She is cute and beautiful girlfriend of Bug. She is very spirited and smart, because she always gets what she wants. Two lovely bunnies are quite similar; probably that is why they love each other a lot. Bugs Bunny has not only the bestlooney tunes free episodes, looney tunes free online episodes, looney tunes golden collection episodes, looney tunes marvin the martian episodes, looney tunes roadrunner episodes, looney tunes show episodes online free, girlfriend but also a best friend – Daffy Duck.  As it is quite obvious, Duffy is a duck. Duffy and Bugs are not only best friends but roommates as well. Duffy does not worry about anything, he fully relies on Bugs. He has a girlfriend as well and sometimes they four spend time.  Her name is Tina Russo.

Basically, this amazing show has a sense that the characters of the show do tiny and sometimes silly adventures but with more adult-humor situations while it is still remaining for kids. Everybody should definitely check some of these episodes to make sure that it is a great show.