An art of mysteries at ‘House of Anubis‘

house of anubis nickelodeon, house of anubis nickelodeon episodes, house of anubis nickelodeon games, nickelodeon games house of anubis, nickelodeon house of anubis, nickelodeon house of anubis full episodes,British, American, and Belgian TV series ‘House of Anubis‘ is based on Belgian-Dutch children’s television drama (originally named: Het Huis Anubi). TV series is named after the Egyptian god, Anubis which is known as a great protector. The series was premiered in the United States on Nickelodeon on New Year’s Day 2011 and a bit later in the United Kingdom on 25 February 2011. It is both comedy and drama genre comprising series which are full of mystery, youth, courage, love, friendship and stubbornness. These televisions series are intended for children aged 8 to 18 or even for adults. It might be a little too scary for small kids to watch because they might get freaked out.

The series follows adventures of a group of eight teenagers, who live together in Anubis House. Anubis House is so called an elite boarding school in the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the story, an American girl named Nina moves into Anubis House in England and she gets a room where used to live a girl named Joy. But she has disappeared suddenly without a warning. So, she has been eliminated from school’s lists. Joy’s best friend, Patricia is not going to give up, she must find out what has happen to her best friend Joy. And, just because Nina came just after this incident, Patricia accuses her of being involved with Joy’s house of anubis watch free, house of anubis watch free online, house of anubis watch online, house of anubis watch online free, house of anubis watch series,disappearance. That is why Nina was forced to spend her first night in the attic of Anubis House. And here occurs another mystery, when Nina finds a recorded diary of a young girl named Sarah who she met earlier as an old woman. It seems that she used to live in the house long ago. In the diary there are a lot of secrets revealed about the boarding and a mystery that nobody knows anything about. But also, there is much more secrets that has to be revealed by this group of eight teenagers.

A group of teenagers is amazing. They are similar and different from each other at the same time. Probably that is why they achieved so much in finding out the truth. Nina Martin is an American girl that is the leader of the group, although in the beginning nobody liked her. Fabian Rutter is one of the residents at the House of Anubis and Nina’s boyfriend. He is helpful, friendly and smart. Eddie Miller is an American student that only shows up in season 2. Patricia Williamson is a head-strong that thinks her own way. Amber Millington is one of Nina’s best friends – a very girly, beautiful, fair and sweet. Other characters you have to meet in the series.

‘House of Anubis’ is loved by children not only because of mysteries but also because the story has unexpected twist. There is a great acting, great stories, great laughs, but the most important is a great unraveling mystery. Have a great time while watching Nickelodeon’s show House of Anubis.

Henry is a cheater again at “Horrid Henry – and the football fiend”

francesca simon, francesca simon horrid henry, horid henry books, horrid henry and the football fiend book,Football is one of the most favorite sports in the word. Henry loves it too. This series, which is full of adventures and crazy behavior starts with Henry watching football. Obviously, his favorite team wins because he starts screaming and jumping. And because of that, next match is going to be in Manchester. So, Henry has to buy the tickets and be there. But how is going to get there and pay for the ticket? Let’s see how this fad has ended.

Of course, parents do not want let him go to Manchester by his own. Also, that ticket costs a lot. Henry is disappointed and thinks that parents never understand him. But here a great opportunity comes. In the class the teacher suggest giving two tickets to that football match for playing football in school stadium. But Henry’s teacher is going to decide who is going to win those tickets. Having inbook henry, all horrid henry books, book henry, football fiend, horid henry books, mind that Henry’s teacher is not a fan of Henry; he must try hard and score. Everybody wants those tickets so there is nothing surprising, that this game is not going to be very fear. Everyone makes agreements like “if you pass the ball, when I will kick a ball, I will take you to the Manchester together”. Of course, the main dealer is Henry, he promises to take not only one friend but few. So, his best friend Ralf – a goalkeeper closes his eyes and then Henry hits the goal.

The game continues. Nothing is lost yet and the situation can be changed easily. francesca simon, francesca simon horrid henry, horid henry books, horrid henry and the football fiend book,Margaret- the main Henry’s competitor is not going to give up and she hits another goal to Henry’s team goal. Even though she is a girl, she is not less cool than Henry is. One minute is left until the end of this tense match and Henry is disposed to win: “no more Mr. nice guy”. And Henry goals the second time, while Ralf is looking at the cat on the roof. Now he is happy, he is proud of himself. But the teacher turns everything upside down. She said that she has not ever seen so disgusting and cheating game like this one, so none of them deserved to go to the Manchester.

manchester, gorrid henry in a match, football game, score henry versus margaretHenry versus Margaret – it is going to be a penalty shootout to find out who is the best. Only two of them are going to play but no one else. It is not so easy playing one against one. At the fourth attempt Henry hits the ball in the air and teacher goal. Does it mean that is going to be a player in Manchester? Yes it does, but it is not fear! She was teaching other to play fear without cheating and now everything changes. Finally, the situation changes one more time, and Henry is going to the match in Manchester anyway? To find out what has happened that Henry reached his goal to go to Manchester, turn on this series on Citvgames.

Feel a new dimension with the series „Matt Hatter Chronicles“

the chronicles full movie online, the matt hatter, tv series stream online, watch chronicles online free,Secrets, adventures, friendship and trust – all these fields are involved in the series „Matt Hatter Chronicles“. It is an animated adventure – action series that is able to transfer you to another dimension. Is it hard to imagine? Let‘s find out more about this mystical and unique series. It has been produced by Nigel Stone, recorded at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. There two seasons and they have 13 episodes each. It has been released in 2011 but the third season is coming up in later 2014 in India. These series have been translated in many languages which means, it has spread all over the world. Matt’s adventures series are mainly designed to thrill boys and girls who are hungry of adventures. It also appeals to the hero in us all.

The series are about Matt Hatter and his adventures. He is the main character and also a super hero of the series. Matt is a 13 year old boy whose life has changed immediately and forever. The turning point occurs when a boy discovers that his family members are guardians of a secret dimension called the Multiverse. To find out more about this secret and reveal the truth, he decides to move to the Coronet theatre in London from New York. The Chronicle is a secret book that used to belong to Matt’s grandpa. Now this book can be a great tool for Matt to become the super hero. Matt is a brave, confident and quite handsome schoolboy. He has brown hair and big blue eyes and he always are sure that he can take out whatever tenoroc throws at him. Matt has one distinguishing featurmatt hatter chronicles movie, matt hatter chronicles roxie, matt hatter chronicles games, matt hatter chronicles movie,e – a different color glasses (one side is red but another side is blue) that he wears quite often. Matt lives in London together with his mum, dad and mini trandoshan devil, Marlin. He is good friends with his team members Roxie and Gomez. Roxie is a pink hair owner (that might be her distinguishing feature) that is also skilled fighter as well as Matthew. She often distracts the villains with her amazing skills and with her tracking staff.  Gomez’s distinguishing feature is a green ligament next to his dark blue hair. He is the keeper – he always takes this position while other two acts. Together they are a strong and unbeatable power that seeks to book the villains tenoroc releases.

The most interesting and catchy point of the series is that another dimension is the gateway to which is accessed through one of the cinema screen. There are some villains that are living on the other side of the screen. Of course those enemies are not happy with their intervention in their world. Now Matt Hatter has an aim – to battle and capture all the super villains. So, it is important not only because they want to defeat the evil and protect the Multiverse but also Matthew has to save his grandpa.

Horrid Henry: my weird family

horrid henry all episodes to watch, horrid henry all your fault, horrid henry collection, horrid henry collection 4, horrid henry dvds,Probably every child at least once a life has had a thought that his family is weird. No one would be surprised that horrid Henry thinks so quite often. Let’s find out what has happened this time that Henry calls them weird. ‘Family fresh air day’ is the worst what can happen on Saturday to Henry. He would better lie in the bed all day long. Unfortunately, such lazy behavior is unacceptable to his family. So, they have decided to have a family day out. Be sure, in this series the famous words “don’t be horrid, Henry” will be said not once.

horrid henry film, best tv schildren series, francesca simon, Peter the brotherThe series starts on Saturday at 10 o’clock. Henry is hungry so ready for his breakfast but his dad corrects him – he can get only lunch because it is already 10 a.m. Of course, his brother Peter is awaked and full of energy already. It is a ‘family fresh air day’ outside but Henry does not want to go. Peter behaves oppositely; he is very excited about such a wonderful day, he helps preparing for a day. Picnic is the best part of the day outside, so Peter picks healthy food like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes. But once Peter and dad go to the next room, Henry picks food for a real picnic. Henry would not be Henry if he does not pick a chocolate, candies and other junk and unhealthy food.

horrid henry 2014 episodes, horrid henry all episodes to watch, horrid henry family, horrid henry reviews, horrid henry series,Another problem reveals when Henry has to walk instead of going with a car. But it is a ‘family fresh air day’, so the point is to stay in the fresh air as long as possible. Henry is annoyed by Peter and dad, because they are looking for a perfect place to stay and Henry has to move together with a heavy picnic bag. Henry turns to a monster and starts eating his junk food until a lovely dog with a lovely girl appear. That red hair girl looks lovely and angelic but actually she is not. Finola behaves nicely only when Peter is next to her. When he is not she farts, talks nasty and even blame Henry about that smelly fart.

henry horid mom, horrid henry: my weird family, horrid movie, horrid the full movie,But, wait a minute… Where is the mom? She is not in the park but she is at the hairdressers. Henry is outraged that the hair cutting is more important than family fresh air day. Henry imagines that if moms come with them he would not have to leave home without breakfast and he would not have to carry everything. So, Henry finds a way how to get out of this awful ‘not all family fresh air day’. He comes back home, praises the mother for beautiful hair and declares that a family day out is not the best day without his mom together. Mom is surprised and pleased: ‘sometimes, just sometimes that boy says the nicest things’. That is how he comes back home to do whatever he wants, probably to continue his lazy day in the bed.

The heros show up in ‚Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

games of teenage mutant ninja turtles, games teenage mutant ninja turtles, games turtles teenage mutant ninja, mutant games,Ninja turtles are well known from the TV screens widely. There is an animated series about them and live – action movies as well. There were displayed many different versions of the turtles since its inception. But turtles in the live – action movie ‚Teenage mutant ninja turtles’are different from ‘Ninja turtles’ series. Also it shows how the turtles have changed over the years. Now they are grown up and they have new adventures, new look and new attitude as well.  The movie is both science and fiction American type comedy based on the franchise named the same.  The new version of turtles adventures are rated as one of the best 2014 animated movies. Basically, the movie creates a feeling it plays tribute to the old show in many ways, while also sometimes going a bit too far.

It tells the story of how the turtles come to meet ‘April’ and ‘Casey’, how they came into existence and their first battle with ‘Shredder’ and his Foot Clan. The most surprising part of this film is that it combines two different elements: the original comic book and the popular cartoon too.

Turtles, of course, are the main characters in the movie. They are four: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello. Leonardo, also named Leo loves ninjutsu. He is very strong turtle maybe because his name means strong as lion. Leonardo wears a blue mask, meanwhile Raphael wears a red one. Raph is a bit hothead because he is always the first to a fight. He looks to be tough turtle but he also has a softer side as well. Especially whenhe is with pet turtle Spike. teenage mutants ninja turtles games, teenage ninja mutant turtles games, the new teenage mutant ninja turtles game, the teenage mutant ninja turtles games, turtles teenage mutant ninja games, when does teenage mutant ninja turtles come out,Michelangelo is the most comical turtle. He has an orange mask and he just love pizza. Michey is an easy – going turtle that is why it is a pleasure to watch him. Donatello is the most clever and genius turtle with a purple mask. Dony is always full of genius ideas and thoughts. He prefers using a knowledge rather than fighting. Turtles are so different from each other, so every teenager will find a turtle similar to him.Despite of the fact that the turtles are very strong, smart and experienced, the turtles are much more like kids. They have to learn a lot about the life and it seems that they are looking up to a mentor and role model in their Master, Splinter.

The Turtles have always had underlying themes of family and brotherhood so the movie ‘Teenage mutant ninja turtles’ is not an exception. That is why the movie educates a good children’s attitude. It possess excellent martial arts skills, shows a fight only in self – defense and to help those who cannot fight for themselves. Having a hero is essential for kids and teenagers. It does not matter is it a real hero or animated or even imagined. If having a hero is important why not to have four lovely but strong turtle heros?